In The Works

Currently Onixan is firing up 5 projects at the same time. Years of constantly hammering out long sessions of project managements has been daunting but at the same time very fulfilling to see the projects also take on it's own shape.

Story is key and taking that serious became important to a well rounded title along with any series that would later be attached to them.

In Character

Much like project development characters are kind of the meal ticket to a good story. So showing how we go about building a character goes a long way.

From conceptual designing we'll take you into the journey of the good, the bad & the not so great...

More often than not there will be a lot of stinky designs but only the great shall rise.



The promo trailer for Onixan Productions Kickstarter has us very excited about pushing production on the first of three books that we've been gearing up since the beginning of the year.

Five short introduction stories created by Steven Sanchez and Kermit L. Gonzalez coupled with tons of production notes and design giving a better insight as to what the universe of Onixan really is.

These stories are the main setup to our production studio and we hope to share them with you very soon.


Coming Soon